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Mistica Foods, LLC is proud to partner with the worlds #1 internet food network, Tasty™. Tasty has reinvented how people experience food and inspired millions of viewers to have fun in the kitchen. Using their innovative top-down video format and sped up style, Tasty has paved the way for a new kind of recipe video that differentiates itself from all the rest, making it a trusted and leading brand today. This commitment to customer satisfaction parallels that of Mistica's commitment to provide only the highest quality protein offerings. Together, Mistica Foods and Tasty have developed a line of deliciously mouth-watering ready to cook meats and meal kits! 

Cheeze It baked snack crackers

Mistica Foods, LLC is proud to partner with the #1 cracker brand, Cheez-It®. Trusted for over 90 years, Cheez-It has created an undeniable brand loyalty by staying true to its original formula but also by driving new product innovation. Together, Mistica Foods and Cheez-It have developed a new product; flavorful mouth-watering

Cheez-It Breaded Chicken Bites. 

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